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Assam Elections Results 2016 – Live Counting Updates – AIUDF, Congress & BJP

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In 2016 Assam Assembly elections were held in two phase to choose representatives of 126 constituencies to the legislature of the state legislature. The first phase was held on April 4 in 65 of the top voters of Assam and Barak Valley. Apart from a few incidents of violence in pairs, polling did not want peace in the first round turnout of 82.2%. The second phase of the final on April 11 Guwahati Butterfly Bath, Lower Assam and Territorial bodoland. The voter turnout was 87.03%

Although competition among Congress and BJP, the AIUDF is the third contender. AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal has claimed that no government in Assam was established without the support of his group. The Assam election results will go for a party where people will get committed to addressing issues such as lack of infrastructure, corruption and illegal migration. It remains to be seen whether voters Assam to rest trusted Tarun Gogoi and delegates of the fourth quarter in consecutive or not. Most exit polls say are less likely. It is estimated that BJP will get the victory in this regard, in the end, although the head of her class out will find many seats. Counting of votes and announcement of results will take place on 19 May 2016

The BJP made from strong Assam Lok Sabha elections in 2014 where he obtained the majority in terms of lead (69 out of 126 seats), and codeshare poll of 36.9 percent. Assam is particularly important for Congress and BJP because, unless the state Congress-ruled only four went into polls, only important when you think BJP to get power

Assam Party Candidate List – Assam Election Results 2016

Assam Party list candidate in 2016 was released by the Parties in the various Convention Assam Election Results 2016 of Bodoland Peoples Front (BPF) Candidates List 2016, AGP List Candidate 2016, AIUDF List Candidate 2016, BJP (the analysis Janata Party) candidate in 2016, All India National Congress (INC ) 2016 candidate list, candidate list of Krupp 2016 check from here.

Assam Elections Results 2016 – Live Counting Updates

Name of the PartyLeadingWon
INC+ (INC+UPP)24 –24
BJP+ (BJP+AGP+BPF) 86 –86
Others Parties 02 –02
Bodoland Peoples Front candidate list 2016. For Assam Vidhan Sabha chunav List Candidate Front Bodoland People, Assam Election Results 2016 Election list Results wise list of successful candidates 2016, Bodoland People List Candidate Front, the BPF candidate in 2016, Assam BJP candidate in 2016.

Assam Elections Exit Poll & Opinion Poll Results 2016:

Name of the PartyNo. Of Seats
Others Parties02
According To News: In Assam, the BJP is set to clear the half-way mark of 64, according to ABP-Nielsen, News X-Chanakya and India Today-Axis with 81 seats, 90 seats and 79-93 seats, respectively. India TV-C Voter predicted a hung assembly with a range of 53-61 seats for the BJP.

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